This site is still dormant until capacity is found to develop the project further.

For now, any of us who wants to participate, and has the capacity to do so, is invited to dedicate up to one hour a day to taking actions that are one step closer than we have been to attending to needs outside the market. Ideally, those would be focused on five basic needs: food and water, shelter, clothing, health, learning. It may be our own or others’.

It need not be a complete quitting, because no individual can do that. It’s only about taking some action, on a daily basis, that is one step from where we currently are toward attending to our needs in more direct relationship with land and each other.

There is no focus in this picture on how far any of us would go; only on the commitment to take some action, on a daily basis, and to keep moving. For someone, this may be to cook a meal from scratch rather than buy prepared food. For someone else, this may be learning to grow medicinal herbs. For someone else, this may be organizing a local learning center modeled on Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society. So long as we hold in our awareness the goal of dismantling the consumption basis of capitalism by coming together to care for our collective needs, every step counts.

Quit The Market